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  • The revolutionary Chin up Mask helps remove double chin and provide an effective face lift without surgery. The mask is especially suitable for giving neck and general face lift and is easy to use. Chin up Mask is a perfect alternative to plastic surgery if you want to get rid of double bangs, or generally relax skin on the throat, this Chin up mask is a perfect option for facelift without surgery. Chin up Mask has become popular all over the world, and the revolutionary technology has been known in all international newspapers.


    • Raises and shapes the neck
    • Get rid of double chin
    • Provides an effective neck lift and face-lift
    • Improves collagen production
    • Increases the fat turnover in the skin cells
    • Hydrates, cleans and tones the skin
    • Contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties


    The action of the Chin Up mask is performed on the epidermis cells of the face and neck. Activating the lymphatic system that is under the deep layers of the skin, circulating correctly, the lymph drains the fat cells, producing a visible reduction in the volume of the face, cheeks, chin and neck. The results are: a firmer skin and a clear complexion for a long time. The difference between Chin Up and a cream or a conventional firming mask is that, with the band, the active substance penetrates the skin for a long time.